Room for failure: DNS or DNF

You’re free to call me crazy… I’ve not been running for a week on doctors order, but I am still considering toeing the line of my biggest challenge ever, the Lakeland100, starting in 2 weeks time. Unless my Achilles’ tendons are getting worse, I really want to start. Meanwhile, my brain is continuously running reality checks: I won’t be racing, will need to run really slow and do a lot of walking, it will be rough and painful, and a DNF (Did Not Finish) is the most likely outcome.

Still I hope to enjoy running in this inspiring setting during the early stages of the race, take it easy during the night, which I may or may not survive (running wise). After that, every next aid station I reach-no matter how slow- will be a victory.

Obviously I’d loved to make this the race of my life, but things turned out otherwise and I still want to move on… forgetting about any competitiveness. But still aiming to go the extra mile, potentially allowing my self to dig deeper than ever, having to account for cut-off times or a second night (if it comes to that), because this is also what ultrarunning is about.

P.S.: Below a video of the race. I expect to be stumbling as bad as some of those guys at some point…


2 thoughts on “Room for failure: DNS or DNF

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