Jotunheimen Besseggen trail: my most spectacular training run ever

My passage in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway, dates back to mid July, but it was such a nice experience I still want to share my pictures from this run. I started shortly after 20h at the parking lot in Gjendesheim and wanted to get as far and back on the Besseggen trail as I could within 3 hours time.

View on lake Gjende

After about 1 km you get the first really spectacular view on Lake Gjende

I set off at a good pace while crossing the last hikers who completed their journey from Memurubu. After about 1 km (and a decent climb) you get the first good look at Lake Gjende.

... and a nice view on where I came from (Gjendesheim parking down by the lake)

… and a nice view on where I came from (Gjendesheim parking down by the lake)

Climbing up the trail gets a little more technical and there were some nice stretches covered in snow.

Wall of snow

There’s noting really giving you a good idea of scale in this picture, but look for the cobblestone with the route mark and you get some idea…

The landscape gets really dramatic up here.


… and so did the wind.

... last stretch in short sleeves

… last stretch in short sleeves

op and over the top

op and over the top

almost blowing away

almost blowing away

and down the ridge we go

and down the ridge we go


Lake Gjende on the left and Bessvatnet on the right – you should see this for real!

ridge from the lake

view on the ridge from the other side, down by Bessvatnett

After about 8.5 km I turned around to run back and scramble up the ridge, after which I really pushed the tempo to reach the parking lot in almost exactly 3h as planned. Afterwards my legs were aching more than after the XReid, so I guess this turned into a littlebit of a race ;-).


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